Promo 1: MCD Trade-up

Choose ScanSource to be your preferred distributor
for all your warehousing opportunities!

Promo 1

Let’s modernize the wearhouse together!

Get up to 60% off for trading-up your customers’ Windows devices to the new
Zebra Android MC3300G and MC9300 Series!*
It’s a great opportunity and it’s easy to get started!

How does it work?

In case you have a minimum deal of $20K USD, raise a Deal Registration for an Android warehouse deal with Zebra (not mandatory) through the Zebra Partner Gateway –

Next, go to the ‘Demo & Promotions Portal –

– and select the appropriate Modernising
The Warehouse trade-up programme (with, or without DR) to get the additional discount on your warehouse deal:


Upon approval send your Trade-up voucher code to your ScanSource account manager to receive your discount.

  • Specify your approved DR number (if applicable)
  • Choose your Zebra MC3300G and/or MC9300 models and enter the quantities
  • Enter the unique Serial Numbers, Model and Brand of the Windows based Mobile Computer
  • Put the end-user details in the required fields
  • Submit your trade-up voucher request to Zebra and wait for approval