Modernise the warehouse

Yesterday’s devices weren’t made for today’s on-demand economy.

Spiralling order volumes, an explosion of SKUs, shrinking fulfilment windows and high workforce turnover rates are increasing the pressure on your warehousing customers.

Staying ahead of the curve relies on speed, visibility, agility and accuracy.

Customers can’t achieve these goals with legacy Windows devices, but with your help to modernise the warehouse using Zebra’s Android platform they can.

Why change?

With new, fit for purpose Android devices your clients can:
Minimise fulfilment errors
Increase inventory accuracy & tracking
Pick and pack more item-level goods
Accelerate the pace of order fulfilment
Work uninterrupted
Protect and secure operations

End users can also slash training time, on-boarding workers faster and providing them with a modern and intuitive user experience.

Why now?

 With new, fit for purpose Android devices your clients can:

Market pressures driving the need for change are already here and they are growing and in this fiercely competitive marketplace, those who don’t adapt risk falling behind.

It is also important to be aware that Microsoft will end support for its Windows operating system in 2020; an issue that will impact roughly 1 million Zebra devices across EMEA.

Why Zebra?

Since 2011, Zebra has gained the most experience with Android in the enterprise market and many of Zebra’s mobile computers have earned Google’s Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) validation.

Here are just a few more reasons why your customers should modernise their warehouse with Zebra:


20 + Android devices including handhelds, vehicle-mounts, wearables, scanners and tablets
2 million + Zebra rugged Android devices shipped
55% of all Zebra’s shipments are Android
64% share of the rugged Android market is held by Zebra
Zebra’s built-in security ‘Mobility Extensions’ provides 4 layers of enterprise-security and control
7 years of operating security support

A phased approach to migration

There’s no need for customers to take an all or nothing approach to modernising their warehouse technology.

With Zebra’s range of Android devices, there’s actually no immediate need to create new applications or update back office systems. You can help clients migrate their current Terminal Emulation ‘green screen’ apps to new devices in minutes and configure new apps over time. Find out more about the benefits of Zebra’s All-Touch Terminal Emulation solution.


Opportunities await you and your customers - start the conversation today.

Find more information about how to position the benefits of Zebra’s Android solutions and how to handle common client objections in this great playbook.


Download the playbook here

We’re here to help

Don’t forget, you can also speak to you ScanSource account manager for advice about the best approach to help your customers modernise their warehouse.